Brands & Products

The focus of our activities is the product design and the usability.

Brands & Products

The focus of our activities is the product design and the usability.

Brands & Products

The focus of our activities is the product design and the usability.

Brands & Products

At Design Your Home Group we focus on sustainable furniture design, where functionality and aesthetics intertwine, offering a high-quality and trendy interior environment. But we are not just an online shop. We are an inspiration platform, where you can find a pool of ideas and styles to perfectly fit every individual taste.

In Design Your Home Group we offer a variety of high-quality, handpicked furniture design brands, each with an established style and unique characteristics. Although different in feel and flair, all products share our valued features of durability, sustainability and aesthetic design.

We are passionate about great design, which we communicate through the specially selected furniture brands we offer on Design Your Home. These established and recognized companies are the pillars, which make our online shop a desired destination for design lovers and enthusiasts.

With our products we want to inspire, add quality to your living environment and upgrade the wellbeing of your home. The ethos and core values of the Design Your Home Group are communicated through our experienced practice not just as furniture retailers, but also interior design professionals.

Explore our brands and ranges and get inspired.

DYH - Design your Home


DYH LTD, founded 2014 in England, is a furniture design online market place, offering specially selected furniture brands with international appeal and style, manufactured with great attention to detail to comply with the individual taste.

The items in our product portfolio are not only aesthetically built, but also follow the established Scandinavian design traditions of functionality and durability.

With years of successful practice in the furniture design industry, our experienced team combines extensive knowledge, skills and commercial awareness in developing and growing – an innovative online shop for furniture and interior design.

Following the essential standards for great design, combined with years of production experience and genuine love for furniture, promptly established DYH LTD on the European market as a high quality online retailer of products with smart functionality and unique style.

On design enthusiasts can browse through high-quality design furniture for all environments – living, dining, sleeping and working, complemented by a wide range of interior accessories.

Our product range comprises items that can be used as a stand alone pieces as well as mix and matched amongst each other to create a complete, stylized look for your home or office space.

With a wide range of high-end design sofas, chairs, stools, coffee tables, rugs and plenty of accessories, all the items on our online shop can be combined to match the individual style and preference of the customer.

An essential feature of the online shop is a 3D virtual interior app, giving customers the chance to import their room measurements and shape and drag their desired items into the virtual space. Choose your preferred colour, and then position and arrange your item according to your liking to fully envision the new look of your space. With an extensive choice of over 400 pieces of designer furniture with 10,000 variations and colours, you can virtually furnish your room on our 3D app to be really certain that this is your dream interior.

Our team at works closely together with established designers who share our philosophy and passion in creating innovative products with international appeal. Our team of experienced designers follow the design concepts of merging clever functionality and elegant style.

What is more, an important aspect of our online shop is the affordable pricing, so our customers can always have excellent value for money. We work hard to always achieve good purchasing conditions so our customers can benefit from high-quality products without the high prize tag.

Our partnering brands offered on are carefully selected to comply with the high-standards of our online shop so our customers can benefit from an excellent range of products for an inspirational interior design.

The following private labels are part of the Design Your Home brands range:


Brooklyn Loft

Brooklyn Loft is a proprietary trademark of DESIGN YOUR HOME, comprising a style that mixes the past with the present. Commonly known as industrial chic, the furniture collection of Brooklyn Loft is designed in combination of various materials like metal, glass and wood, to create a stunning vintage feel.

With the uniquely designed furniture from Brooklyn Loft, customers can infuse their home with character and individual style. Always in tune with the new trends in interior design the collection offers sustainable furniture with original finishing details for a creative focal point in any space. With the furniture and accessories by Brooklyn Loft, customers can create an artistic living space with uniquely executed design and high-quality manufacturing.


Modern Interior

Expressing the individual taste and interior personality is easily achievable with the bright, colorful and uniquely designed furniture from the collection of Modern Interior. From plastic chairs for the outdoor space, to highly durable tables, this furniture is ideal for the space cautious urban living. Fun and functional, the Modern Interior collection is a real eye-catcher!


Ideal for those who appreciate modern design with refined finish and high-end look. The Luxurious collection focuses on innovative products with luxurious appeal and high-quality make. Minimalistic with clean lines and excellent functionality, this furniture is produced with high-quality, durable materials, often with an elegant, glossy finish.

Luxurious is brand that reflects the emerging trends of fine living and upmarket lifestyle. Luxurious is not only a collection for modern, deluxe furniture, it is a statement of refinement.


Scandinavian Interior

Famous for its breathtaking simplicity, minimalistic, clean line furniture is at the heart of the traditional Northern interior design. The Scandinavian Interior collection encompasses elegant pieces with subtle, yet distinctive details, making every item unique and stylish. Through the use of exclusively sourced natural materials with durable qualities, Scandinavian Interior produces furniture to complement bright and modern interiors. From solid wood coffee tables to sturdy minimalist bookshelves, this collection is naturally beautiful!

Scandinavian Interior is one of the signature brands by DESIGN YOUR HOME.

The Scandinavian Interior collection is constantly expanding with new designer items and variations, offering lovers of Scandinavian design a fully customizable array of products. Customers can chose from a range of wood and fabric variations to suit any individual taste and decor.




We make you smile :-)

ROOMOX®  has several years of history, operating on the European market for Home & Living products.

The online shop offers seating furniture and home accessories available for delivery throughout the whole of Europe. The ROOMOX® label is an established brand producing beanbags, lounge seating cubes and lounge chairs. The ROOMOX® collection is steadily expanding, currently offering 11 different products in over 12 trendy colours.

With high quality production in Germany, the ROOMOX® products benefit from qualities such as comfort, durability and appealing design. Ideal of indoors as well as outdoors, these pieces are perfect for the garden, the nursery and are the best companion for chilling in front of the TV.

Each ROOMOX® beanbag has an innovative EPS filling, which adapts perfectly to the body shapes, absorbing the body heat, allowing the body to breath

All ROOMOX® beanbags are made of tear-resistant, high-tech nylon and therefore are equally suitable for outdoors as well as indoors use. This material if of high durability and easy to clean and maintain.

The ROOMOX® beanbag is produced in a range of colour variations, offering 12 fresh colours to complement any living environment or garden as well as fit with the individual taste.

The ROOMOX® beanbags can be purchased online and will be soon available for purchase through selected home and interior design retailers. Their affordable price-tag and high-quality make of this product are the signature feature to the ROOMOX® brand.