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Design Your Home

We love Design

Design Your Home

We love Design

We offer exclusive designer furniture for Europe!


The DESIGN YOUR HOME HOLDING AB is one of the fastest growing companies in the European furniture industry.

The companies of DESIGN YOUR HOME HOLDING AB produce and market designer furniture and lifestyle products under several own brands in high and medium market segments.

The focus is on design classics and young design highlights, self made and with precise target audience profiling and marketing. Another unique feature is the strong presence of products in more than 20 European countries and more than eight languages.

The main pillars and ROOMOX® are controlled by the locations in Stockholm, London and Berlin.

Together with the British sister companies DYH LTD and DYH GLOBAL PLC, the Swedish company is a powerful group, especially in the online business for international designer furniture.

A striking testimony of its subsidiaries is a constant expansion and restructuring of a network of brands and collections that allows online stores to respond as quickly as possible and as sustainable as possible to the needs of the market. This also benefits the partners of the group with which the DESIGN YOUR HOME HOLDING AB has been working successfully for many years.

From September 2015, the DESIGN YOUR HOME HOLDING AB is listed on the Euronext Access in Paris. The Euronext Access is a transatlantic exchange operator, which was established in 2007.

Management / Board of Directors


The executive board of DESIGN YOUR HOME HOLDING AB currently consists of three members. Each board member is responsible for one or more functions within DESIGN YOUR HOME HOLDING AB.

Torben Pedersen

Mr. Pedersen holds a Master Degree of Finance from the Business School of Aarhus, Denmark from 2002. He was hired as the Director of a retail company immediately after graduation, and within 2 years he took ownership of the company via a Management Buy-Out. In 2009 he seized the opportunity to sell the business.
Mr. Pedersen established an investment company specifically for the Solar Energy sector in 2009, and in 2011 Mr. Pedersen sold this venture, and he has since moved into corporate finance via his personally owned investment and consultancy company.
Through his well-established network, he has continued his corporate finance work, established and holding several businesses including a mattress and bed company, while he also assists in the management of companies including several publicly listed companies.

Armin Dartsch
Chairman of the Board

Armin Dartsch studied law at the Christian- Albrechts-University of Kiel and the Humboldt University of Berlin. After his second State examination, he was admitted to the bar in 2006 and worked as a staff attorney in a boutique law firm specializing in copyright and art law.

As of 2007, Armin has been an independent lawyer with his own practice, particularly in the areas of national and international tax and company law, as well as intellectual property law, and was already able to advise companies (especially in the furniture industry) and individuals in Germany, EU, US and Hong Kong. Besides his work as a lawyer Armin has also been managing director of several companies in Germany and the UK since 2009.

Andreas Garke
Managing Director

Andreas Garke studied law at the Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel and the Humboldt University of Berlin. In 1996 he founded his first Company in Potsdam Babelsberg specialized in consulting international film production companies, with a focus in workflow optimization and cost reduction.
As of 2003, Andreas Garke has been working as a Senior Manager for several multinational companies focusing on business development, supply-chain optimization and international sales and export.  Since 2016 he has the role as Area Manager Germany with focus on Government and Trade Services for Middle-East, Africa and Asia Pacific regions.
Andreas Garke is Director of Fast Finance Holding PLC and Board Member of DYH Holding AB. His expertise includes Sales and Marketing, Strategy Consulting, New Market Entry and Business Development.

Corporate Strategy until 2018

The focus of strategy until 2020, will be the positioning of the DESIGN YOUR HOME HOLDING AB as an economically and environmentally leading online provider in Europe for attractive designer furniture from around the world.


We have defined four objectives, which will support DESIGN YOUR HOME HOLDING AB to be the most successful and fascinating dealer for residential design in Europe by 2020:


DESIGN YOUR HOME aims for leading positions through the use of intelligent innovations and technologies in the design and furnishing of apartments and houses, as well as product quality.

Customer Satisfaction

High customer satisfaction is for DESIGN YOUR HOME HOLDING AB and its brands, the most important prerequisite for sustainable business success.


The DESIGN YOUR HOME HOLDING AB will especially benefit from the development of the major growth markets. Also by other products, continuous development of ROOMOX® World and the acquisition of other brands and distribution channels to contribute to a very strong growth.


The return on sales before tax should be sustained at least 10 to 15%, so that the financial soundness and ability to DESIGN YOUR HOME HOLDING AB is ensured even in difficult market phases.


By 2019, the DESIGN YOUR HOME HOLDING AB wants to be one of the most attractive employers in online trade of designer furnitures .

Significant numbers

An overview short and compact:

Extensive and further information with all numbers can be found in our most recent annual reports.

Geschäftsbericht AB



For the year ended December 2015

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For the year ended December 2015

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published in June 2016